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You're a captain worthy of custom comfort, and those "one size fits all" helm pads just don't cut it. It's about time you got a little slice of cushioned heaven tailor-made for your boat, and we've got just the thing. In just a few clicks, you can build a helm pad designed to fit your exact needs. Comfort has never been so convenient.

Key Features:

  • Custom cut helm pad to fit your exact dimensions and needs
  • 16mm thick EVA/PE blend foam provides shock absoprtion and joint relief from pounding waves
  • Peel and Stick installation is quick and easy
  • Embossed surface provides non-slip traction
  • Formulated for the marine environment
  • Reduces noise from foot traffic
  • Hard-wearing and easy to look after, guaranteeing it will hold up in the harsh marine environment
  • Provides protection for boat surfaces
    Required tools:
    Sharp razor blade or knife
    Alcohol-based cleaner, isopropyl/rubbing alcohol
    Clean rags
    1-2” wide Masking Tape
    Roller or squeegee
    • Clean and prep the surface before installation using an alcohol-based cleaner, such as isopropyl or rubbing alcohol
    • Allow the area to dry completely prior to installation
    • Do a dry fit before beginning installation to determine exact placement, alignment, and orientation of each piece
    • Flip the pad over and use a sharp razor blade to carefully cut a line down the middle of the paper backing, being careful not cut into the foam
    • Gently peel up an inch or so of the backing on both sides of the cut you just made to expose the edge for easier removal and flip the pad back over into the exact placement you want it installed
    • Secure one side of the pad to the deck or surface with masking tape to prevent shifting or movement during installation
    • To begin applying, lift the un-taped side of the pad and start slowly pulling the paper backing away from the center towards the outer edge while smoothing down on the top of the pad firmly with your other hand, squeegee, or roller as you move to prevent air from being trapped underneath
    • Apply pressure along all the newly applied edges with your hand, squeegee, or roller to help secure the bond
    • Remove the tape and repeat the process on the side of the foam pad
      Clean spills and messes immediately to reduce possible staining. Some materials can stain the decking if not quickly removed. Ex: ketchup/mustard, fishhooks left to rust, fish blood, bird droppings, etc.

      Clean dirt or stains with an all-purpose cleaner with water and a medium-bristle deck brush. Mix the cleaner with warm water in a bucket and dunk the brush in. Work the soapy water into the decking with the brush until the dirt comes up. Rinse with water.

      To remove fish blood: Mix 1 cup of bleach with 1 gallon of warm water. Dunk the brush in the bleach water and scrub in a circular motion until the blood is removed. Repeat as needed.

      Do not use mineral spirits for cleaning

      Avoid long-term storage of items on the decking such as inflatable pool toys, tools, or water bottles. Keep decking away from reflective surfaces or from under glass. These objects can refract/reflect light, thereby concentrating the beams to a level that can be destructive to the decking.

      For longevity after installation, it is recommended that the surfaces be covered or stored out of the sun when not in use.
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