Flush Mount Rod Holders

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Choosing the Perfect Flush Mount Rod Holder

They are low-profile holders, built to last and withstand the extreme weather conditions associated with salt and fresh water, marine environments. When installed, they are flush with your gunnel, keeping the appearance of your boat neat and unfettered, transforming this space into a functional work area for rods and accessories. Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect rod holder for your boat. 

Rod Holder Angle Options 

 0° rod holder

These are essential for transforming your vessel into a more efficient workspace. This mount gives you the freedom to change between your cutting board and bait board easily and transforms areas like your corners into useable space. Rods are held straight up, holding the line closer to the boat.

15° rod holder

 Can be placed anywhere on the boat except the transom. Recommended spacing is 18 inches apart. This degree is the most popular among fishermen as it helps prevent line-to-rod contact. This angle is also beneficial for long outrigger baits.

30° rod holders

Excellent for higher speed trolling and preventing line-to-rod contact and keeps the line furthest away from the boat, in turn, the dredge pole or your outboard motors. Great for short outrigger baits or flat line deployments.

Mounting Style

Face Mounted

This is the most common option because the installation is easiest and they are the least expensive variety of flush rod holders. They can be secured through the pre-drilled mounting holes with through bolts and a backing plate, or self-tapping screws. 

Backing Plate

Gunnels are usually made of thinner fiberglass, so it's often helpful to add some extra support. The backing plate helps distribute the force away from the fasteners and reduces the risk of rod holders breaking the surrounding fiberglass. If you are using the rod holder for big game fishing, or electric reels we highly recommend using a backing plate!


If looking for a high-end, seamless look screwless installation is your best option! These holders provide a flush and high-end look on the gunnel of your boat. Its important to know these holders require a specialized backing plate and installation socket

Unique Applications

Rotating rod holders

What if your rod could be rotated to the right position with the push of a button? Now it can! Rotating rod holders are a revolutionary product - allowing you to adjust your spread and angles at will when doing any type of fishing. This major transformation to your conventional rod holders increases both versatility and function – and will have you wondering how you fared without it all this time!

Flush mount rod and cup holder combo

Imagine the same holder cradling your coffee during early mornings at sea, supporting your fishing rod in the afternoon, AND keeping a cocktail for a sunset cruise within hands reach. Well, now all of that is possible, flush mount rod holders have a wider opening at the top so they can function as both a rod and drink holder. These rod holders are available in the 3 common angles with both face-mounted and screwless mounting options. 

Material Options

316 stainless steel 

This material ensures your heavy-duty rod holders are resistant to corrosion and can withstand heavy abuse, high temperatures, extreme weather, and relentless wear and tear of daily use. 316 Stainless Steel is trusted across industries everywhere and over countless applications. It is designed to protect your expensive gear and hardcore fishing.


Plastic rod holders and cupholder rod combos to serve a dual purpose out on the water. Available in both white and black, you can cruise easily knowing this durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic holds up in tough marine environments.

Stamped Vs. Cast

All flush mount rod holders offered by Boat Outfitters are high-quality cast metal. Stamped metal hardware may be less expensive, but is far more likely to break, and wear down. That's why we offer only the highest-quality cast flush-mount rod holders. 

Must-Have Accessories to Use With Rod Holders

Big Game Leash

Rotating Rod Holder Drain Attachment

Stainless Steel Rod Holder Swivel

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