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Whether you’re a salty veteran angler or just getting started, one fishing accessory you need for your boat is a vertical fishing rod holder, or fishing rod rack. » Read More

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What are Boat Rod Racks? Are They Different from Standard Rod Holders?

The term “rod racks” is used to mean a lot of different things, from ceiling or wall-mounted racks for your garage or home to horizontal racks that mount under your gunwales, to vertical storage racks for your boat. This page is dedicated to vertical storage racks for boats. Read More

fishing rod rack - Boat Outfittersfishing rod rack - Boat Outfitters

What Are Rod Racks Made of?

Rod racks can be made of just about anything, from varnished wood to injection-molded plastic, to King Starboard to aluminum or stainless steel. Boat Outfitters carries a wide selection of racks that are made from a combination of King Starboard and marine-grade PVC. Read More

OEM Replacement Rod Racks

If you are looking for replacement fishing rod racks, chances are Boat Outfitters has them. We are OEM suppliers for many of the best boat builders in the business. If you need a specific design or size of rod rack for your boat, we can offer you factory-direct quality and competitively affordable pricing that you can’t argue with. Read More

fishing rod racks - Boat Outfittersfishing rod racks - Boat Outfitters

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