Draw Latches

Draw latches are made of rubber, marine-grade plastics, or stainless steel are commonly found on many kinds of boats, where they’re often used to secure storage compartment lids. » Read More

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What Do Draw Latches Do?

Marine draw latches differ from other kinds of boat latches in that both the latch and the keeper are mounted in the same plane. In other words, draw latches exert a straight pull, using tension to draw two pieces together. Read More

Easy Installation

One important advantage of draw latches is that they require no cutouts and no special tooling. They can be simply screwed or bolted in place. Flush latches, in contrast, are often mounted in molded recesses in fiberglass hatches or doors.

If not, they typically require sizable cutouts in the fiberglass. Draw latches are also generally much less expensive than flush or cam latches.

Over Center Draw Latches

Over center latches — also known as toggle latches and snap-down latches — use lever force to tighten. The latch mechanism is mounted on one surface and the keeper on the other. Once the mechanism has contacted the keeper, closing the latch leverages the two surfaces together. Read More

Rubber Draw Latches

Unlike over center draw latches, flexible draw latches use the elasticity of rubber, rather than lever force, to tighten lids down. Rubber tightening latches have the advantage of simplicity. They have essentially no moving parts — just a T-handle used to stretch and secure them. Read More

How to Order Replacement Draw Latches

If you’re replacing part or all of an existing draw latch, you’ll ideally want to order a new latch that matches the hole pattern of the old latch. Fortunately, most boat draw latches installed as original equipment are made by one of a few manufacturers. Read More

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