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You want to upgrade your electronics, but don't want your dash to look like swiss cheese? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Our helm electronics boxes get you back to a blank slate and allow you to upgrade your electronics without worrying about matching or covering existing holes.

Key Features:

  • Removable back panel allows for easy installation and service
  • Include locking push button latch
  • Option of friction hinges or take-a-part removable hinges

    • Friction hinges hold the door in an open position and are commonly used with clear acrylic doors. This provides visibility of your electronics with the door closed, while still conveniently holding the door in an open position when interacting with your electronics.

    • Take-a-part removable hinges allow door to be removed and stored when running and are commonly used with opaque (black acrylic or starbord) doors. This allows you to cover and hide your electronics while your boat is in storage, and remove the door while in use.

  • Requires 3.75" of depth for installation
  • 2.5" of clearance inside the door to the back panel
  • Perfect for on boat storage of electronics
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