Expanded PVC

Looking for a practical and versatile material to work with on improvements and enhancements to your boat? You should consider the expanded PVC sheet. » Read More

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What is Expanded PVC?

Expanded marine PVC board or expanded PVC is a type of PVC that has been expanded with a special foaming agent to increase the thickness of the material while reducing its density. The foaming agent has been included in the design purposefully to reduce how much plastic is used. Not only does this reduce the cost and amount of non-recyclable materials, but it also helps to reduce its weight too. Because of its weather resistance and other benefits, it is a common material used for boat parts.

Common Uses for Expanded PVC Board

Expanded PVC board is commonly used for upholstery bases on boats, providing durability, waterproofing, and ease of manipulation with standard woodworking tools. It's also popular for crafting custom signs and outdoor decor due to its versatility in shape and size.  Read More

Benefits of Expanded PVC 

Upgrade your boat with expanded PVC, available at Boat Outfitters. This lightweight material is easy to handle and work with, making boat improvements a breeze. Read More

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