Expanded PVC

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What is Expanded PVC?

Expanded marine PVC board or expanded PVC is a type of PVC that has been expanded with a special foaming agent to increase the thickness of the material while reducing its density. The foaming agent has been included in the design purposefully to reduce how much plastic is used. Not only does this reduce the cost and amount of non-recyclable materials, but it also helps to reduce its weight too. Because of its weather resistance and other benefits, it is a common material used for boat parts.

Common Uses for Expanded PVC Board

Upholstery Bases 

Expanded PVC It is ideal as part of upholstery, backings for seats, the base for seats, and other sections of your vessel. This is the ideal substrate for boat seats, upholstery, and seating bases for the following reasons:

  • Easy to cut and sand with standard woodworking tools
  • Can be bent and curved to fit the shapes of your boat
  • Takes and holds both staples and standard fasteners 
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Lightweight 
  • Keep in mind, PVC board is not particularly strong on its own, so it will need a base or support system to prevent bending or breaking.

Custom Signs and Outdoor Decor

As the material can be cut into different shapes and sizes, it can be used for custom signs or parts. We offer customized CNC routing and laser engraving services which means you can even design the signs or material and arrange for them to deliver the message you want. It can also easily be painted. 

Benefits of Expanded PVC 

Lightweight – Easy to Handle and Easy to Work With

One of the first things you will notice about the marine PVC board that we have in stock here at Boat Outfitters is the fact that it is incredibly lightweight. This makes it extremely easy to handle and work with. So, even if you are not the strongest individual, you won’t find it too difficult to move it around when making improvements on your boat.

Water and Weather-Resistant

Another hugely beneficial property of the marine PVC foam board we carry here at Boat Outfitters is that it’s water and weatherproof. When you are looking for a suitable upholstery substrate or upholstery base, like a boat sat base, for instance, this is perfect when used in an interior application or exterior application.

As well as its structural integrity, it also benefits from having greater color-fastness compared to alternative PVC foam products available on the market.

Smooth Surface

The smooth surface of the expanded PVC sheet means you can easily add any lamination, printing, or even personalized graphics to make it really stand out. Perfect for customization and if you need it to have an official logo or print on it to match up with the rest of the color scheme or décor of your boat.

Strong and Durable

Although there are certain applications, we would not recommend an expanded PVC sheet, it is still considerably stronger and more durable than other similar plastic products. For instance, it will provide many years of use when installed as an upholstery base or a seat back panel.

Easy to Paint

Since this material has a smooth surface and absorbs and holds paint well it makes it perfect for a variety of applications. Expanded PVC can be painted with any plastic-friendly paint which includes most spray paints. 

Thermal Conductivity

In addition to its structural benefits, expanded PVC also offers great thermal conductivity benefits. Something you might want to consider if you intend on using it for seating or even bedding in your boat, as it will help to insulate and retain heat.

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