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Make your old, dull dash shine! Stainless steel LED switches will give your dash a clean, upgraded look and on command control of your favorite 12V accessories! There's never been a better-looking way to have power in one push.

Key Features:

  • 12V Resettable LED On/Off Switch comes in 2 attractive colors
  • Marine grade 316 stainless steel construction for durability in the harsh environment
  • Upgrade your boat with these ideal marine electronic switches
  • Switch is Ignition proof and has built-in surge protection
  • IP67/IK08/IP44 Rated
  • Vibrant LED color ring clearly indicates power status and can be easily seen even in direct sunlight
  • Solid-state circuitry up to 20ADC
  • Available in multiple amperages: 5 amps, 10 amps, 15 amps, and 20 amps
  • Ideal for use with marine and automotive 12VDC systems
  • Easily installs with 0.75" hole saw
  • Smaller switch size allows for more densley populated dash
  • Simple wiring thanks to 2ft molded wire leads
  • Resettable design means the circuit within the switch automatically senses over-current conditions and trips the load off-no additional circuit protection or fuse block required

What does 'Resettable' mean?
A 'Resettable' design means the circuit within the switch automatically senses over-current conditions and trips the load off with no additional circuit protection or fuse block required.

What happens when there are over-current conditions?
If the switch senses over-current conditions it will turn the load off and the LED light will shut off. You can reset the switch by pressing the switch again, and if it shuts off again all you need to do is find the fault like you would with a blown fuse and reset it again to correct the issue.

What is the difference between On/Off and Momentary switches?
An On/Off switch turns 'on' with one push and supplies power until pushed again putting it into 'off' mode.

Momentary switches only supply power when continuously pushed. A good example of a momentary switch is a horn- it only sounds when pushed and shuts off when released.

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