ROKK Mini for Tablet with Self-Adhesive Base

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Have you struggled to find a mount for your tablet that you can count on to keep your device safe and secure? Although small in size, the ROKK Mini is the toughest, most reliable mount for your tech. Able to provide security and versatility, this tablet mount can attach to boats, cars, off-road vehicles, air crafts, and more. Attach your electronics in one easy click and enjoy the smooth 360 degree rotation of the ball and socket system with zero loss of clamping force over time. Now, your electronics won’t move unless you want them to!

Key Features:

  • A versatile holder for your tablet device, offering 360° rotation and 270° of tilt
  • Easily adjustable locking and unlocking design ensures a high clamping force for a secure hold you can count on - keeps your marine electronics in one place!
  • Designed from corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminum, 316 stainless steel, and glass-filled nylon
  • Kit includes: Universal Tablet Clamp (Fits 5”-8 ¼” tablets), 360° adjustable body, self-adhesive mounting base
  • 3M self-adhesive base mount fits any flat surface
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