Black King Starlite Plastic Sheet

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King Starlite (also called King Starboard XL) is a lighter weight version of King Starboard. The base material is identical, however Starlite is extruded with a blowing agent added that allows the material to hold air. As a result, it is about 30% lighter and considerably cheaper.

The trade-off is that King Starlite has a cellular edge that can collect dirt and is impossible to clean. We do not use it in any applications where an edge is visible. That said, King Starlite is a great alternative for projects where the material will be hidden (substrate, mounting plate, etc.) or when aesthetics are not a priority over price.

Key Features:

  • Great economical marine plastic sheet choice for projects where cellular edges are hidden
  • Commonly used on tackle box shells, seat substrates and backing plates
  • Same durability advantages as King Starboard - Won't swell, splinter or delaminate
  • Same durable matte texture as King Starboard
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