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Different Types of Stainless Steel Screws for Marine Use

At Boat Outfitters, we pride ourselves on offering the widest and most practical selection of boating supplies and accessories. As part of our commitment to making our online store the only place you need to visit, we carry a comprehensive range of stainless steel boat screws. The different powder-coated marine-grade screws and painted marine screws we have in stock are characterized by the following head types: Read More

Chrome Plating or Powder Coated Stainless Steel Marine Grade Screws

When you start looking for the screws you need for whatever work you are carrying out on your boat, you will notice that it’s not just the types of heads you need to be aware of. There are two other categories you need to consider when choosing marine-grade screws from Boat Outfitters – chrome-plated and powder-coated stainless steel.

Best Screws for Starboard & Plexiglass 

Ideally, when you are working with marine-grade plastics like acrylic, King Starboard, and King Starlite, you want sharply angled, coarse threaded screws. The screws featured on this page, all feature those kinds of threads and are made from stainless steel, a material that has corrosion-resistant materials that are perfect for boat applications.

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