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Freshen up your deck with increased traction and style. KiwiGrip is a revolutionary non-skid deck coating that allows you to fully customize the finished texture by simply changing your application technique. A wide range of textures is possible so you can go from rolled pleasure boat to a more industrial aggressive finish with the same topside boat paint-the possibilities are endless!

Key Features:

  • Handles wear from personal to industrial use, making it ideal for many uses including in the marine environment
  • Adheres to wood, fiberglass, epoxy, concrete, vinyl, tile, marble, porcelain, or metal
  • NOTE: On some surfaces a primer will be required, see application instructions below.
  • Environmentally friendly, chemical and UV resistant, and extremely durable
  • Easy adjustable texture with change in application techinique
  • No fillers, sand, rubber flecks, or shells to wear away or fall out over time
  • Available in 5 base colors: White, Grey, Cream, Black and Blue
  • Available in two sizes: 1L or 4L
  • KiwiGrip White can easily be used to make custom pastel colors with common water-based tints available at most paint retailers
  • Comes with a 4" KiwiGrip Texture Roller
  • NOTE: One Liter of KiwiGrip Non-Skid Coating covers approximately 20 sq. ft.
  • Attention Note
    All KiwiGrip product sales are final and not returnable.
  • What prep work is required before using KiwiGrip?

    The Surface must be cleaned thoroughly and a de-waxing agent is required if the surface has been waxed within 5 years. All residue or wax must be completely removed or you can run into adhesive problems during application. KiwiGrip recommends using a degreaser and surface cleaner, boat soap, and water to clean.
    For specific preparation instructions by material please refer to the Application Instructions below.

  • Is primer/sealant required?

    KiwiGrip should always be applied over a sealed surface to prevent water and co-solvents from absorbing into the substrate. However, certain surfaces do require a primer or sealant for best adhesive results:
    Metal surfaces should be primed with an epoxy primer Wood should be coated with a paint or sealer to prevent absorption Concrete should be fully cured and sealed with a non-silicone sealant
    Allow all primed/sealed surfaces to fully dry before applying KiwiGrip

  • How to Custom Color KiwiGrip?

    KiwiGrip can be tinted using any water-based universal tint system commonly found at most paint stores. Do not use more than 3% tint by volume (20cc or 2/3 oz per liter). This amount is sufficient to create virtually any light pastel color without impacting the integrity of the KiwiGrip paint.
    After tinting, have the container shaken at a paint store or stir by hand with a large stirrer or paddle.

  • Do I have to use the KiwiGrip Roller?

    If you are wanting to achieve a medium or more aggressive finished product then it is recommended to use the KiwiGrip Roller. This roller has been specifically designed to alter the texture of KiwiGrip based on the amount of pressure you apply.
    If you want to achieve a finer or smoother texture KiwiGrip can be applied with a standard 3/8” nap roller.

  • Which size roller should I use?

    Bigger projects with flat surfaces are ideal for the 9" roller. Smaller projects or projects such as Monohulls with contoured decks will have a much more uniform finish by using the 4" roller.

  • What materials is this designed for?

    KiwiGrip can be used on many different materials such as: Old Gel-Coat, Fresh polyester or epoxy fiberglass, Aluminum or Steel, Wood, Concrete, Tile/Marble/Porcelain, and Vinyl Flooring.

  • Will the KiwiGrip Fade? If so how long will it last?

    KiwiGrip can easily endure 3-5 years in a heavily trafficked area before needing to be touched up. Since it's a paint product it will wear more evenly than other products and won't suffer from aggregate pieces falling out leaving exposed cracks or gaps that are difficult to clean.

  • How many cans will I need to cover my boat?

    One Liter of KiwiGrip will cover approximately 20 sq/ft of area
    Four Liters of KiwiGrip will cover approximately 80 sq/ft of area

  • Should I use gloves or masks when working with KiwiGrip?

    No special protective equipment is necessary when applying KiwiGrip, although you may wear gloves when applying if you don't want to get paint on your hands as a personal preference.

  • At what temperatures should KiwiGrip be applied?

    KiwiGrip can be applied in a large range of temperatures from 40°F-95°F, but the temperature at which it is applied can greatly affect the finished texture.

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