KiwiGrip Textured Roller

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Key Features:

  • KiwiGrip Textured Roller has a Unique Design that allows you to change the finished texture of your non-skid coating by simply changing your pressure when rolling
  • KiwiGrip Textured Roller is Durable and Can be Rinsed and Used Numerous Times
  • Available in 4" or 9" size
  • Roller handle Not Included
  • Attention Note
    All KiwiGrip product sales are final and not returnable.

If you are wanting to achieve a medium or more aggressive finished product then it is recommended to use the KiwiGrip Roller. This roller has been specifically designed to alter the texture of KiwiGrip based on the amount of pressure you apply.

Bigger projects with flat surfaces are ideal for the 9" roller. Smaller projects or projects such as Monohulls with contoured decks will have a much more uniform finish by using the 4" roller.

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