Acrylic Catch-All Storage Box

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Critical Dimensions
Measures 3.5" tall x 7" wide
Fits Hole Cutout 2.75" tall x 6.255" wide
Required Depth 6"
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Great for general boat storage as well as holding keys, wallets and cell phones

Acrylic colors content...

This glove box has no mounting screw holes and is typically installed exclusively with adhesive behind the frame. This is a very unique mounting style (compared to other products we offer) and is only acceptable given the frame material (acrylic) and size/weight of this box.

While some customers have had success with silicone, we recommend Elastomeric Sealant for permanent installations. We offer White/White, Arctic White & Black Elastomeric Sealant in 3 oz tubes.

There are often waxes, coatings, sealants, grease, oil and other contaminants which have accumulated on your fiberglass over years of use. Given that, it is important to clean all surfaces to be bonded before applying any sealant. A general purpose cleaner is recommended (not alcohol). It is also a best practice to rough up the surface you're bonding to with a 180 grit to 220 grit abrasive (making sure to wipe off any residue after sanding). This will enhance the bond strength. Apply the adhesive/sealant around the backside of the frame and position the part in your hole cutout.

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