Need storage but have limited room? Add storage with a tilt-out storage unit. There are a lot of spaces on a boat too thin for a standard storage box, however, they may fit a tilt-out. The most common spaces to add these storage units are gunnels, transoms, or consoles. When shopping for or installing a tilt-out there are some important things to consider. 

Take the Right Measurements

Whether filling in an existing cutout or adding space for your new unit it's important to have exact measurements of the cutout. Often times gunnels or transoms will have a varying depth between the inside and outside of the hull, when this is the case you want to go with the shallowest measurement, ensuring the box will fit in the cutout at all points.

In addition to the depth, you need to know the height and width of the cutout and ensure there's at least one inch of space around the cutout to accommodate the frame of the box.

Check out the photo to the right, this is a great example of what to look for when measuring. Jassen had us build a custom box to fit in the rod box cutout for his 2003 25' ProLine Sport, he did a perfect job taking and demonstrating the measurements which were key to his box (pictured above) being a perfect fit!

cutout for a boat tackle box, demonstrating depth, height and widthcutout for a boat tackle box, demonstrating depth, height and width

With the right measurements, we can likely find an existing design to fit your space or create a custom solution.

Remember, if you see a project we did for the same boat you have we can easily re-create the part!

Choosing the Storage Features

When shopping for features check out the pre-designed tilt-out units we offer. If you can find a box with the features and measurements you need that is the most cost-effective and quickest way to get a storage unit. When we customize the features or dimensions the price of the box will likely become 50-75% more expensive. Common features for tilt-out tackle boxes include:  

  • Tackle Storage: Tackle trays come in a variety of sizes, meaning we can add tackle tray storage to almost any box! This is often the best way to keep lures, baits, and terminal tackle stowed and organized. 
  • Tool Holders: From pliers to Boga grips we have all sorts of tool storage options that on our tackle units. This is a great way to keep tools in a convenient spot while rigging lines or dehooking fish.  
  • Trash Can: Designating where to throw your trash can be an issue that leads to a messy boat or littered waterways. Tilt-outs provide a great space to stow a trash can for your boat! 
  • Catch-All Storage: Sometimes an open area is what you need. These spaces are super handy and perfect for storing valuables, soft plastics, packaged hooks, or even towels. 

Installing Your Tilt-Out Unit

The installation process is a crucial step to making sure your storage unit integrates seamlessly and functions perfectly. Your tilt-out unit is going to come pre-drilled and ready to install, however, each install can be a little different. Your best off giving us a call so we can give you a rundown on what you need to do for your specific box and boat. Feel free to check out the video below as an example install for a tilt-out tackle unit.  

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