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What Are Cooler Accessories?

Cooler accessories are aftermarket cooler parts designed to improve the functionality and solve problems created by them. Adding accessories is also a great way to add a personalized touch to your marine cooler.

Cooler Toppers

Cooler toppers are dense foam pads designed to add comfort to the top of your marine cooler. Made of EVA foam, a closed cell foamed plastic and rubber blend commonly known as SeaDek or MarineMat, these toppers are designed to be soft and elastic while remaining rugged.

This adds sea cushioning (similar to the wise cooler seat cushion) to rigid cooler tops and protects the surface. A wide variety of sizes and colors are available to fit small and large marine coolers alike.

Cooler Cutting Boards & Serving Tables

Cooler cutting boards are aftermarket cutting boards designed to protect and provide a durable, safe cutting surface. Installation is easy and requires few tools. Cooler fillet tables and cutting boards are a key addition to fish coolers for boats.

The addition of a cutting board ensures you can cut up the bait, measure your catch and serve food and drinks, all while protecting your high-end marine cooler.

Most cutting boards are low profile and do not interfere with cooler use. Cooler serving tables create a flat, clean surface to serve food and drinks on top of your marine cooler. Installation is easy and requires no permanent modifications.

Convenient carrying handles allow you to move the table as needed and do not interfere with, or block, side-mounted accessories.

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Cooler Drink Holders

Drink holders are designed to help your beverage stay secure after leaving the cooler. Cooler divider beverage holders are mounted to the side and ensure your beverage will remain out of harm's way. Installation is easy and requires no tools.

The holder simply drops into place and is secured by a closed lid. All side-mounted drink cooler dividers and holders are completely removable and can be taken off at any time.

Fishing Accessories

No marine cooler is complete without the addition of accessories to make your fishing trip easier. Side-mounted cooler fishing rod holders hold your fishing rods vertically, organized, and out of harm's way. These fishing rod holders ensure easy access to rods and ensure they are within reach when the time comes.

The YETI Cooler Leaning Post gives fishermen a supportive and sturdy backrest when using it as a casting or poling platform. This gives anglers a safe and sturdy vantage point for sight fishing. The fillet boards offer a protective surface to clean your catch and give protection to the top as well.

This ensures your investment will remain free of gouges and be around for years to come. Cooler fighting gimbals allow you to convert it into a capable fighting chair. This fighting chair mount uses suction cups to adhere to your cooler and allow you to gain leverage on large fish.

Installation is quick and easy and requires no modification to your preexisting ice chest.

yeti coolers - Boat Outfittersyeti coolers - Boat Outfitters

Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are adhesive-backed mesh panel bags designed to keep your food away from ice and discourage sogginess. The cooler baskets or bags come in medium and large to best fit your container. Specially designed adhesive ensures long-lasting adhesion and life.

General storage on and around your boat can also be added with the addition of an adhesive cooler basket or bag. Medium bags measure 15” x 9”, and large cooler bags measure 20” x 9”.

Cooler Slides & Mounting Kits

Cooler slides

Cooler slides allow you to put your container in hard-to-reach spaces and still have easy access. Sliding rails are mounted to the deck of your boat or yacht and are easily adjusted to fit the exact dimensions of most containers. The rails allow you to easily mount it under a leaning post and ensure it can slide out, and the lid opens easily.

Cooler mounts

Cooler mounts are brackets that secure the corners and lock them in place. All kits include four corner blocks and two tie-down straps, ensuring it will not budge. A properly secured boat cooler is a great step in accident prevention and creates a solid container that will not slide around in heavy waves and chop.

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