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Out of all types of boat hinges, butt hinges are by far the most common. Found on everything from cabinets to livewells to hatches, these hinges come in many different types, mounting styles, and compositions to fit your boating needs. » Read More

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Boat Hinge Types

When it comes to boat hinges, there are different kinds to fit every application. Some hinges are built to secure a specific door material, like glass door hinges. Other hinges are built to distribute a heavy load along the entire length of the mounting material, like piano hinges. Concealed hinges offer a hidden mounting option for cabinets and interior design. Read More

Different Butt Hinges for Different Applications

Within the category of butt hinges, there are different types for different applications. The standard hinge offers standard open and close features with nothing extra built into it. Other butt hinges are built for a more specific function.

Friction hinges are built to resist pivoting in one direction. In the marine world, this can eliminate the need for gas shocks or hatch springs. Instead of needing a shock to hold a hatch open, the friction hinge holds it open for you. Read More

Marine Butt Hinge Materials

Butt hinges are made in a variety of materials. In the marine world, stainless steel is by far the most common. Non-stainless steel should be avoided at all costs as it will corrode and fail when subjected to marine use.

Plastic provides an effective substitute to stainless for light-duty applications. It is lightweight and completely rust-proof. Read More

Butt Hinge Mounting Style

Even within the different hinge types, there are different mounting styles for different uses. The common top-mount hinge has its pin mounted above the mounting surface. This mounting style offers a wide range of motion for the hatch. Its drawback is that, because it creates a raised surface, it’s not desirable in high-traffic areas. Read More

Installing Butt Hinges on Boats

Butt hinges are simple, strong, and dependable, but they can only be as strong as the material you mount them into and what you mount them with. It is important that you pick the proper hardware for mounting your hinges. All screws or bolts should be marine-grade stainless, and any mounting holes should be properly sealed. Any unsealed hardware can allow water into the hull of your boat, compromising its coring. Read More

Maintaining Your Stainless Steel Hinges

Even stainless steel will corrode if not properly maintained. But remember, less is more with stainless. Never use abrasive cleaners or materials on stainless steel. Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia (window cleaning solutions, for example), chlorine (anything with bleach in it), or sulfur. All that’s really needed for routine maintenance of stainless is a quick wash with a mild soap such as Boat Wash.

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