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Even the best-built and best-maintained boats eventually need to be repaired or upgraded. Electrical connections fail, deck hardware and fasteners corrode, hatches and doors weather, upholstery fades, pumps wear out, and electronics become obsolete. Likewise, even the best-designed and equipped boats can benefit from smart upgrades and accessories to make them better suited to their owners’ needs. Whether you’re repairing, replacing, or upgrading, start with Boat Outfitters’ curated selection of OEM, aftermarket, and custom boat parts, materials, and accessories. » Read More

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Boat Parts

Boats can be complicated machines. Even the simplest boat can have dozens of feet of wiring, different types of electronics, miscellaneous stainless hardware, plumbing, and accessories. As with anything, all of this equipment needs to be maintained and at times replaced. Quality is of utmost importance in the marine environment. Not only are the conditions harsher, but the consequences of failure can be much more severe.

Boat Customizations & Accessories

Boats are also a blank slate for customization. Just like different hulls are made for different things, how you accessorize your boat can depend on your usage. A bowrider might not need outrigger bases, just as a flats skiff wouldn’t be the best place for a drink bar.

Some boat accessories are useful for both fishing and entertaining. Storage is at a premium on most boats, and both fishermen and pleasure boaters can appreciate well-made storage solutions.

Boat accessories and equipment can range from drink holders to custom signs. They consist of some of the easiest-to-install customizations you can make on your boat and can make your boating experience much more enjoyable.

Some of these accessories are critical add-ons to some boaters. Many fishermen wouldn’t bother fishing without their electronics. Even more importantly, some electronics are required to safely navigate. Other accessories, although simple, find broad use in all kinds of boating, such as phone holders.

Most marine accessories are built with heavy boat use in mind, unlike similar accessories built for cars. The land-based counterpart may not be designed to hold up to moisture, vibrations, or sun exposure.

Some parts of boating might not even take place on your boat but are important to the experience. Fillet tables, dock boxes, and mooring cleats all have their important place in your boating experience. 

Boat Building & Repair Materials

For an even more custom do-it-yourself approach, raw materials are important as well. Plastic sheeting including Starboard, expanded PVC, and acrylic/plexiglass, along with reinforced foam like Coosa board can be used to custom-build storage, decks, panels, and other things.

Boat Seating & Tables

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says “boat seating” might be sun decks, marine vinyl cushions, and bowrider cushions, but Boat Outfitters has a wide array of products. These products range from the standard pedestal seat you might see on a bass boat, to customizable leaning posts and cooler tops.

There are a few different styles of boat seats to suit your needs. All of them are built to stand up to UV exposure and resist the growth of mildew. There are a few things to consider when you’re deciding on what kind of seats you want to purchase for your boat, such as what style of boat you have, what bodies of water you’re going to operate your boat on, and what sort of use you have in mind for your boat. 

Fishing Boat Accessories

For most diehard anglers, boats are accessorized for the sole purpose of fishing. Most fishing boats need to have clear paths of travel, and quick access to storage. Certain areas and types of fishing can require a lot of different gear, and a lot of fishing boats are pretty sparse in terms of storage. Due to the limited space, accessory manufacturers have found ways to use every square inch of storage available without cluttering the deck.

Many accessories serve multiple purposes. For instance, the cutting board doubles as a rod holder, and triples as a drink holder. Coolers and kill bags take a priority in a fishing boat, but should still be built with ease of storage in mind. Cooler top cutting boards do this by utilizing the space a cooler takes up for multiple uses. Kill bags are easy to store and can take the place of a massive cooler as far as fish capacity is concerned.

Rod storage is also critical on a fishing boat. Some storage options include under gunwale storage to keep your casting area clear, while others make a single rod holder able to hold multiple. For example, the triple offset rod holder can turn one single rod holder into three.

One of the coolest new accessories in the offshore fishing world is the deep drop bucket weight storage insert. With the widespread use of braided line, deep dropping in hundreds of feet of water has become very popular. Storing deep drop weights can be problematic, but now they can be stored and organized in an outfitter-style five-gallon bucket, like a Yeti. Fishing accessories can be tailored to your fishery or boat, but the options are endless. 

Adding Storage to Your Boat

The importance of storage is not exclusive to fishermen. Safe storage is important to all boaters. No one likes their belongings getting wet or blowing out of the boat, so sealable storage is important. Storage might look different from boat to boat, but utilizing space within the gunwales, inside the console, or under the deck keeps items protected and out of the way.

Glove boxes are great for stowing keys, phones, or other small important items. These glove boxes can be custom fit to any dimension and can be locked.

Mesh net storage also utilizes wall space and comes in many different shapes and sizes. For small areas, small mesh bags can hold small tackle boxes, while larger mesh bags can hold spare clothes, large tackle boxes, or towels. You can also find custom mesh storage bags available on the Boat Outfitters’ website.

Some storage items are built to store one specific item. Recessed fire extinguisher storage can keep your fire extinguisher safely stored but still easily accessible. Wash-down hoses that always seem to be in the way can have their storage tube within the gunwale. There are many storage items geared toward trash cans and trash. This can keep your boat tidy, but most importantly, it helps keep trash out of the water. 

Boat Plumbing & Ventilation

Marine plumbing and boat vents might not be as fun to accessorize as the rest of your boat, but they are one of the most important systems on your boat. Most plumbing pieces are fairly standard sizes, and may not be as customizable as some of the other boat accessories.

In the event of hull intrusion of any sort, or rough waters, your bilge pumps could save not only your boat but your life. They come in many different sizes appropriate to boats of all different sizes. Through-hull fittings of any sort fall into the same category; your boat should be more valuable to you than the twenty dollars you might save going with a cheap through-hull fitting.

Ventilation can be just as important. Gas fumes can build up to explosive levels in your engine rooms, especially with inboard motors. Improperly vented living spaces can result in mold and mildew.

Boat Replacement & OEM Parts

With time and use, a lot of boat parts can wear out. Even the highest quality materials need to be replaced on occasion. When that time comes, it’s important to replace those parts with the proper fit and finish to match the old one. For saltwater boats especially, always use top-quality stainless steel hinges, latches, cleats, and other deck hardware. Wiring, switches, and other electrical components should also be replaced only with marine-grade parts.

As an OEM supplier of Starboard and acrylic parts for many boat manufacturers, Boat Outfitters is the place to find exact replacements for hatches, doors, tackle cabinets, drawer units, step pads, electronics boxes, rod boxes, and more. Even if your boat model is no longer built or the manufacturer has gone out of business, we maintain design files for many parts and can quickly produce a direct replacement.

Dock Upgrades & Accessories

Your boating experience doesn’t end on the water. Your dock and dock accessories can make the whole experience more enjoyable and much like your boat, your dock is a blank canvas.

For the fishermen, a dock fillet table is critical. Proper filleting surfaces at the proper height allow you to clean fish with ease.

Dock bumpers and fenders are another important part of a dock. They protect your boat from banging against unfinished wood, increasing the life of both the dock and the boat.

Mooring lines and cleats are what hold everything down. Cheap cleats and dock lines can fail and leave your boat drifting with the wind. Safety is a top priority, and disorganization can lead to trip hazards and injury. Be sure to keep your lines and equipment properly stowed even at the dock.

The Importance of Quality Boat Parts & Accessories

It’s important not to look for the cheapest items with most boat accessories. Short-term savings can result in long-term damage that costs a lot to repair. Remember that the consequences of accessory failure can be more severe on a boat than on land. Set your boat up with comfort and safety in mind for a more enjoyable boating experience.

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