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Finding the best material for your boat project can be overwhelming - there are many things to consider like application, maintenance, and price point. As an industry leader in marine lumber and sheet material, our team of experts is here to help!  » Read More

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Marine Grade Material

We offer a large selection of marine lumber in a wide variety of thicknesses, colors, and styles. As a manufacturer for the top 200+ boat builders, we’ve been working with these materials for 30+ years and have the expertise to help you decide which material will work best for your project.

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What Material Should You Use?

Figuring out what material is going to work best for your project will depend on a few things: Read More

Figuring out what material is going to work best for your project will depend on a few things:

Price: Are you looking to spend top dollar, or get the best bang for your buck? Acrylic and starboard both make great dash panels, but acrylic is considerably more expensive. Deciding your price point is the first step to finding the best marine material.

Appearance: Do you need something with an attractive finish or are you going to be covering the material? Some materials aren’t ideal for visible applications, like starlite or expanded pvc, because their cellular edge can hold dirt and grime over time.

Durability: Are you looking for a material that can hold up to a beating? Some materials are better than others for high impact applications. Acrylic may not be the best option to use in this case as it may crack when put under a lot of force.  

Maintenance: Are you someone who doesn’t mind upkeep or would you rather have something maintenance-free? If you don’t want to spend hours oiling up your teak, then a composite material like Starboard may be a better choice.

Ease of Fabrication: Most of our boat materials can be fabricated with common woodworking tools, but some, like acrylic, require special tools to work with. If we’re building your project for you, no worries, but if you’re doing it yourself you need to consider what capabilities you have.

Once you address these points, it’s easy to walk you through the pros and cons each material has for your specific project.

Most Common Marine Materials

Boat Outfitters works with, and supplies many different materials: Read More

Working on a Custom Project?

While most of our marine materials are relatively easy to work with for a reasonably experienced DIYer, you always have the option of allowing us to handle the engineering and fabrication of your custom boat project. We recieve sketches and templates every day of odd size shapes and patterns customers need custom cut. Pull out that old weathered piece of wood and drop in a direct replacement custom cut to match. Unless working on your boat is a true labor of love, we can help get the job done faster and get you back on the water!

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